Notification Guidance

What notifications do I need to do?

This guidance summarises what Chapter 9 of POR (Policy Organisation and Rules) says about activity and nights away notifications, and to describe how those rules are applied in Cabot District. It shouldn’t over-rule anything that’s in POR, so if in any doubt, POR applies. This doesn’t cover risk assessments, In Touch or any other activity rules, which are all in POR.

Nights Away Notifications

POR says

  • The relevant home Commissioner must be notified before any nights away event takes place. It is best practice for at least seven days notice to be given.
  • The notification must include all the information required in the Nights Away Notification Form (NAN).
  • It is the responsibility of the Permit holder to ensure that appropriate notification is made for each group they are responsible for.
  • Adult groups are required to notify their relevant Commissioner of nights away events.

In Cabotthe easiest way to send this notification is to use the online system.  This generates an automatic email to the District Commissioner (and other relevant people who should know you are going away – Night’s Away Advisers etc) with all the information on it.  If you don’t have internet access, or prefer to use another method, then you can use the Scout Association’s official “Form NAN”, or any other form with the same information on it.  You can send this by post, fax, email.  As long as it reaches the DC within seven (7) days before the event, that’s fine.

PLEASE REMEMBER TO ADD RISK ASSESSMENTS TO ANY NOTIFICATIONS YOU SEND! (You will not be able to submit your form on the Cabot website without adding this to it).

Other Activities

POR says that every single activity you do (including regular meetings in your HQ) must be approved by the DC, and that the approval will normally be by an informal system.

In Cabot I don’t want to separately approve every activity that every section does every week! To strike a balance between managing the risks and reducing the paperwork, I will give a blanket approval to any activity that meets the following criteria :

  1. It is not adventurous. There is no hard and fast definition of what is “adventurous”, but fact-sheet 120084 gives a good list. Basically, if you think your activity might be adventurous, it probably is.
  2. It takes place within the boundary of the City of Bristol. To clarify what is meant by this, there is a matrix attached which lists postcodes and areas, and says when a notification is or is/not required.
  3. The person leading the activity has a current appointment as a Leader or Assistant Leader in Cabot.
  4. The person leading the activity has a wood badge or has the approval of their GSL to do the activity.

If your activity meets all of those criteria, then you don’t need to notify me, just go and enjoy it!

Don’t forget though that all of the activity rules in POR still apply, such as the need for a Risk Assessment, InTouch etc.

If your activity doesn’t meet all those criteria, then you need to get my approval at least seven (7) days in advance. The easiest way to do this is to use the District’s online form, which generates an automatic email to me with all of the details. You can also notify me by phone, letter or email, as long as I get the information in time.

Activity quick reference guide

ActivityInform DCNights away applicationRisk AssesmenetAdventurous Activity Notification
Overnight sleepingYesYesYesNo
Adventurous activities YesNoYesYes
Non-adventurous activities NoNoYesNo

Notification location guide

Activity LocationNon-Adventurous ActivityAdventurous ActivityNights Away
The Scout HQNoYesYes
In Cabot District and within post codes covering BS6, BS7, BS8, BS9, BS10, BS11NoYesYes
Out of Cabot District but within Post Codes BS1, BS2, BS3, BS4, BS5, BS13, BS14NoYesYes
Out of Cabot District (and post codes above) or out of Avon CountyYesYesYes
District CampsitesNoYesYes

Post Code Areas

Post CodeAreasLocal Authority
BS1Bristol city centre, RedcliffeBristol
BS2Kingsdown, St Pauls, St Phillips, St AgnesBristol
BS3Bedminster, Southville, Bower Ashton, part of Totterdown, Windmill HillBristol
BS4Brislington, Knowle, Knowle West, St Annes, part of TotterdownBristol
BS5Easton, St George, WhitehallBristol
BS6Redland, Montpelier, Westbury ParkBristol
BS7Bishopston, Horfield, part of FiltonBristol / South Gloucestershire
BS8Clifton, HotwellsBristol
BS9Coombe Dingle, Sneyd Park, Stoke Bishop, Westbury on Trym, HenleazeBristol
BS10Brentry, Henbury, SouthmeadBristol
BS11Avonmouth, ShirehamptonBristol
BS13Bedminster Down, Bishopsworth, Hartcliffe, WithywoodBristol
BS14Hengrove, Stockwood, Whitchurch, WithywoodBristol
BS15Hanham, KingswoodBristol / South Gloucestershire
BS16Downend, Fishponds, FrenchayBristol / South Gloucestershire

District Campsites

  • Stiles – 7th Bristol
  • Field – 26th Bristol
  • Brockmead – 4th Bristol
  • Woodhouse Park Scout Activity Centre