Nights Away Application Process

To run any activity where young people will be away from home overnight (including in your own HQ), you need to have a “Nights Away Permit”. This page is intended to give basic advice to adults within Cabot district on how to apply for a permit.

Permits are usually granted for five years, after which they need to be renewed. The process for renewing a permit is exactly the same as for applying for a new one. That is:

  1. Complete this form, giving as much detail as possible about your prior nights away experience.
  2. Send it to the relevant Nights Away Adviser. For beaver and cub leaders, this is Margaret Postlethwaite, the District Cub Scout Leader and for scout and explorer scout leaders either Alvar Bray, Scout Leader at the 26th or Antony Milward Scout Leader at 169th
  3. If your application is for a renewal, and you have shown sufficient experience, or if the advisor knows you and has seen you running an event, then they may well be able to sign off your application straight away. If it is your first application, or the advisor has not seen you in action, then they may need to meet up with you to discuss your application, and/or visit you during a nights away event.
  4. Once the advisor is happy with your application, they will pass it on to the DC, who will sign it off and issue you with your permit.
  5. Get out there and use it!

If you have any queries at all about the nights away scheme, please ask your advisor, or contact the