First Aid Retention of Accident Reports

Notice of update

  • to those who administer First Aid to young people 
  • to those responsible for the ongoing maintenance of Accident Reports

In 2018 revised guidelines were issued to offer some protection to those who administer FA to young people from being unfairly challenged under the provision of the Statute of Limitations Act 1980. Put simply if a young person (under age 18) receives any FA then they may, once they attain age 18, seek to take action against the person who administered their FA  for example if it left them with a scar.

It is therefore essential that all administered FA is clearly recorded as the individual has up to 6 years (their attaining age 24) to start to bring an action.

There are already clear guidelines relating to recording “Accidents” including when such accidents need to be notified to Gilwell.

The Scout Association has issued no broad direction as to who is responsible to maintain all FA reports but in Cabot this will be:

  • For individual Scout groups – the GSLs nominee. This may be the Group Secretary.
  • For all post 14 provisions and the BHG –DESSA

Please ensure that all Reports are kept away from the building and that arrangements are in place to hand over all the historical Reports as and when the post holder changes.

Below is specimen Incident report for use say when FA is administered but a full Accident Report is not made. Please ensure you edit this for your own Group/Post 14 provision.

Also just for your information in case you do have anyone also working with the Guide Association their policy is that ALL Reports are to be held centrally within a District.